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1. Schedule phone, video or face to face creative consultation. We'll talk about your vision and answer all of your questions about your boudoir photoshoot. 

2. Choose your photoshoot date and time. Allow for 5 hours for makeup and photoshoot. 

3. Sign the contract and pay booking fee. 

4. Prep for shoot by gathering outfits and props you'll want to personally use. 

5 Rest the night before, eat a healthy meal, arrive on time for your shoot. 

6. Hair and makeup takes 90 minutes

7. Photoshoot begins, allow for 2 hours minimum.

8. Hour food break! Photoshoots take a lot of energy. Go grab a wrap! 

9. We review your photos choosing your favorites

10. Ordering your book, wall art and final order. 

11. Pay for any upgrades or additional photos. 

omen come to the boudoir experience for many different reasons. Some choose to do boudoir to remember who they are, or get back in touch with themselves. Others are doing it as a celebration of a milestone reached in life. Sometimes a boudoir photoshoot is meant to be a special gift for someone special. There are no wrong reasons, only amazing photographs to cherish.  


Thanks for your interest!

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