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"I wanted to give my husband a book of photos from my boudoir shoot for Christmas.

Nick is professional and makes you feel very comfortable right from the beginning. He knows what lighting, backgrounds, settings, and mood work best. I had never done this before, so I needed direction and he was amazing. If you’re on the fence, go for it! From beginning to end, it was such a fun experience. His editing and end product are something I will always have and my husband was beyond pleased." 

-Lesley Kraley, Kansas City, MO 

“Nicholas, you gave me back myself. In a time of great personal difficulty, you reminded me that beauty exists within. I saw the pictures you took and cried...I couldn't believe that was me!  You see the strength in each of us and you capture it in a beautiful canvas.  Not only do you have a talent, but you share it unselfishly with those whose souls need to be healed.”

-Beth Burkes, Corporate Fund Raiser


"Nicholas, has a very special way of bringing out your inner self, a very natural experience. Nicholas, creates a great professional photo shoot ...capturing yourself in a magical way."

-Diane Kruse - St. Lukes Medical Center

“Nicholas' photos helped me to see the beauty that others saw in me. Everyone needs to experience his photography.”

-Eugenia Ortiz, Artist


“ In our age and beauty obsessed culture, it is hard being a woman. And even harder being a woman over 40. When I look in the mirror I tend to see all of the things that have changed throughout the years and I don’t like. Scheduling a boudoir shoot with Nicholas was the best gift I gave myself. It was fun and empowering and helped me see myself through a different lens. I highly recommend the experience.”


Thanks for your interest!

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