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Get Ready for Your Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Boudoir photoshoots are a party just for you with one goal of making you look amazing! Here's how to prep for your special day!

Most are nervous before their shoot, but in the end, it's always a super fun experience.

Time to Prep for Your Photoshoot

“What do I bring? What do I do?”

Photoshoots generally take four hours. The night before, you'll want to prep all of your outfits, for your shoot. Make sure all of your props, undergarments and makeup is packed and ready to go. You'll also want to get a good nights rest so that you don't wake up with puffy eyes. The morning of your shoot you'll want to eat a good breakfast. Don't make the mistake that not eating will make you look skinnier. We have photoshop that does that. Photoshoots take a lot of energy and muscles you may not have used before. Eating a good breakfast gives you the energy you'll need to get through your photoshoot and not run out of energy before you get all of the shots you want.

More Options are Better Than Not Enough

You’ll want to gather all of your clothing options for your shoot the night before. Be sure they are pressed and on hangers. We'll work on getting through as many clothing options as possible. Grab your husband/boyfriends dress shirt, maybe a team jersey, all of these options are all for you! Finally, don't forget anything you use personally like special curling irons, and powder you use to reduce shine.

Get inspired! Research #boudoir photos on #instagram, #facebook and #pinterest.

Oooooo! Can we make a photo like this?”

There is no right or wrong way to do your #boudoir #photoshoot. This photoshoot is all about YOU! Looking at what others have done can also give you some great ideas about what kind of photos you want to produce for yourself. These #photographs might be printed on large prints, or they might be contained in a book you give as a #gift. This experience is all about you and ensuring you leave #feeling great, #empowered and #beautiful!

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